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I passed out in my own vomit

And all I got was this lousy web community

Franklin Street Pretense
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a community dedicated to people who either:

a) Live above their douchbag landlord.

b) Have no qualms about having a hand-me-down sofa which may or may not be covered in seminal fluid.

c) Share an inexplicable love for the Olsen Twins.

d) Have blacked out/passed out in or around the Franklin Street residence, have left in a drunken stupor from a night of hard ass debauchery in the Franklin Street residence, or have the desire to do so.

So join, bitches.

This community is controlled by Franklin Street residents fourthcategory and soybomb02. Get in contact with them if you want to come over, perhaps for a spot of tea?